Monday, May 24, 2010

New Release "Spark" with Limited-time Special offer

Hey--Have we got a great new product for you! I get tons of calls from photographers from all over asking if my collages we sell in the studio are for sale in the photoDUDS store....well, now they are! We've taken some of our studio's most popular selling collages and put them together for you in the new photoDUDS product, Spark. Plus, for a limited time, we have a special offer where you will get also get our newest DUDlet Plus, Montage for free when you purchase Spark. It's a great 20x24 template with vintage frames and a great overlay to give your images that antique look. Hurry, cause the offer expires on June 8.


  1. Beth, I love this!! I must add it to my collection. I am a bona fide Photoduds junkie. ;)

  2. Thanks Nancy! I hope you can find this product useful for your studio!