Monday, March 16, 2009

Graduation cards are here!

We released our newest product today... a graduation card set, Natural. It includes all sorts of press product announcements, thank yous, 411 cards, seals, papers and a bonus signature board. Here are images exhibiting the contents of the DVD. Also, we are currently running a 15% discount on everything in the photoDUDS store. Please use the code spring15 to receive the discount.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming Release!!

We are diligently working on new products. Our next two releases consist of Graduation Announcements and accessories. Each set will include press products such as announcements, thank you cards, address labels, seals, 411 cards and a signature board. Plus, each set comes with a 10 coordinating papers. The first set, which we plan to release within the next two weeks, is shown here in the photo. The next set, which will follow in the few weeks after that will be a fun and funky set with zebra prints, hot colors and tons of attitude! So stay tuned, we have a lot of new things in the works!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marketing Piece

Just wanted to share marketing piece I created using DUDS form the new Bebe collection. People are always asking me how I use DUDS, so I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of the marketing piece in portraying our studio image. Plus, I will coordinate the price list for this event using the same elements and designs. (Just a side note the bunny image is not a photoDUD--it is a piece of clip art I purchased from

Monday, March 2, 2009

DUDdrops are here!

Wow!! I have been having such fun with these new products!! Always looking for ideas for new backgrounds, I came up with the idea for these DUDdrops a couple of months ago while at Imaging USA. (So many people we coming up to us and asking if they could get a background with our pattern on it.) I came home and started toying with the idea of selling large vector files which could be customized according to the photographer's wishes. After printing the first sample, I was hooked. Plus, as the seasons and colors change I can simply print up new backdrops. Here are some of my first images from the Damask and Mehndi DUDdrops. As you can see, I took the original file and customized it to the colors of my choice before sending it to the printer.

I had the files printed 4x8 ft. on matte paper and and hung them on my wall with thumbtacks. You want to make sure they are printed on a matte surface with no sheen so as to not have glare from your lighting. In the future, I am going to mount the 4x8 ft. prints to gatorboard so I have a two-sided background. But thumbtacks are cheap and easy to get started with.

As for printing options, I had mine printed at my lab ( but you can check with your lab, local kinkos, or sign company. If you want canvas, you can contact Simply Canvas. Fore more information on the DUDdrops, you can go to the and there is a downloadable pdf with more information. Also, every DUDdrop comes with a pdf on how to color and customize your DUDdrops.