Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monthly Featured photoDUDS user--Adina Hayne, Scott Hayne Photography

Well, In trying to improve the photoDUDS site and the blog I am hoping to post a monthly featured user of the photoDUDS product line....hope you will enjoy the posts and gather some great info in from some of our users. We have several features in the works so stay tuned for lots on insight and inspiration! So, here is the very first feature of Scott and Adina Hayne. Enjoy!

Scott Hayne Photography
Scott & Adina Hayne

In early 2007, Adina Hayne left her family business to help her husband Scott manage his courier business. Not even a month later, in a twist of fate, Scott lost his major client and the Hayne family was left wondering what to do. Everything happens for a reason though, they told themselves.

Scott, a photography hobbyist, and Adina decided now was the time to turn Scott’s talent into a business. After just a few months, they opened up Scott Hayne Photography studio in Norfolk Virginia, specializing in Weddings and High School Seniors.

By May of 2008 they were photographing full time, having booked 37 weddings and 45 seniors for the year. Scott, the main shooter, takes care of all the post production and technical work while Adina runs the business end, handling all marketing, sales and client communications as well all the design work.

Scott & Adina Hayne have a unique style and an interesting story, which is why I wanted to showcase them this month as the very first PhotoDuds Featured User!

PD: When did you start using PhotoDUDS?
Adina: Actually, just recently! We picked up a bunch of PhotoDUDS DVD’s at WPPI this past March and I haven’t been able to put them down.

PD: What made you decide to try PhotoDUDS?
Adina: Well, I was custom creating all our client albums, grad cards, collages – everything. And it was taking me forever. I realized I was losing money by doing the designing myself. I saw some of the PhotoDUDS designs and I just loved it all. It’s hard to find people who match our style of photography and Scott and I make it a point to align ourselves with vendors who do match us. PhotoDUDS matches our style and compliments our work – which we love.

PD: What is your favorite thing about PhotoDUDS?
Adina: Besides saving me all that time and money? Well, I just love that I’m able to use the different designs and tweak them - change them up so I can still make them my own and provide our clients with a unique, original design. I also have to tell you that the tutorials on the photoDUDS website are extremely helpful. I’ve only been using photoDUDS for a couple months but I immediately got on the site and watched a few of those tutorials. They break everything down so easily!

PD: Do you have any tips or suggestions for new photographers entering the industry?
Adina: Yes. First of all – define yourself. Take your craft and make it your own. Think outside the box and be unique. We all have to stand out somehow – especially in this economy. Take the photoDUDS designs as inspiration and build off of them. Create your own individuality.

Thanks Adina & Scott! If you want to learn more about the unique style and story of Scott & Adina Hayne Photography, you can visit their website at

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