Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get more Mileage out of your DUDS!

1. Open the Card Template and save a copy.
The senior example above started as the TODD Family DUDlet (the DUDlet of the Month).

2. Using the guides lines, crop the image to remove the bleed area.
All photoDUDS Card Templates include guide lines indicating the bleed area for press products (not needed for photo paper).

3. Delete any layers that you don't want. (in this example the leaf word art design was deleted)
The card may have some word art or embellishments that may be specific for the card, but not the portrait.

4. Drag and drop your photo.
All photoDUDS Card Templates allow photos to be added by dragging, dropping and transforming as desired.

5. Add any embellishments or brushwork.
The example uses an embellishment from Natural, Senior Card Set v.1

6. Personalize with text.
Seniors LOVE that!

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