Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Skins for iPad and iPhones are 30%

Because every client has their own style! We are introducing a NEW Product line... myStyle! myStyle Products are designed to help your customers define theirs. So we've designed myStyle Products to help you keep your style and let your client choose theirs.

SUBLIME is a collection of iPad and iPhone cases/skins. Each design targets a different audience.

Right now you can save 30% off the Sublime set...but you;d better hurry because this offer ends soon!

Where do you get these printed?

GelaSkins $14.95 for a phone skin & $29.95 for a front/back iPad skin + $4.95 shipping.
skinit $19.95 for a phone skin & $34.99 for a front/back iPad skin + $4.95 shipping.

Note that these are retail sites, and you will be paying retail prices for the skins. If you are looking for a lab/wholesale option for the skins try:
Photo Production $9.95 for a phone skin & $19.95 for a front/back iPad skin - Free shipping.

If you want to print your own on you inkjet printer*, take a look at iaPeel. You can purchase 3 skins to print on your inkjet printer for $29.95.

* A side note... all the skins I purchased from the above listed resources (gelaskins, skinit and PhotoProduction) had applied a laminate to protect the skin from scratches and damage. I do not expect these inkjet options to hold up as well with regular usage.

For phone cases, you can go to uncommon, $39.95 for a capsule hard case. iPad cases will be available soon. This is what I currently have on my phone.

I had a custom case printed from zazzle and it fell apart within 3 months. :(


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