Friday, October 15, 2010

Create Something New with photoDUDS

People always ask me what set our products apart from others....well it's the versatility! I created the first set because I was so frustrated with so many of the other products out there. And I hated templates! I wanted to be able to create something new and unique for my clients. So, as you all know, that the majority of our products are NOT TEMPLATES. However, we do offer card sets for special occasions that are templates. But here's the real kick...we include all the parts we used to create the templates. So, what does this mean for the user? It means you can completely start a new cards from scratch or you can modify any of the existing card templates. So here is a card from the new NOEL set which I completely changed into a grad card for a client of mine using papers and overlays from the set. Oh yeah and today is the last day for 20% of the newest card set release NOEL. So, you'd better hurry on over to the photoDUDS store if you wanna get it on sale.

***Please note that the DUDlets differ from the full-blown sets; they are a cheap and easy template option and they are not meant to be modified.

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