Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PPA Webinar--Get Wired for Senior Success!

Sit Back, Relax and Learn

February 17, 4pm ET
with Beth Forester, M.Photog, Cr.
$39 for PPA Members
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In this program, Beth will discuss how to “wire in” to the teen mind and run a senior business that caters to the wants and needs of the teen client. From the initial phone call to the final sale, she will reveal her everyday tips and tricks for running a successful high school senior business. Topics Beth will cover include:

* Viral marketing: Facebook and beyond
* Creating brand demand
* Senior sessions and digital effects
* The art of the up sale
* Creating the senior experience
* Price structure and profitability

Finally, Beth will discuss traditional paper proofing and how she uses this “timeless” means of presentation to increase her average per client sale and keep her studio moving forward into the future.

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