Friday, January 9, 2009

photoDUDS Addict-Peggy Todd

I wanted to post an image that was sent to me by one of our photoDUDS customers, Peggy Todd. Peggy owns every photoDUDS DVD and regularly keeps in touch with me by sending her DUDded-up images. I love receiving creations from our customers, because it's so fun and enlightening to see how others are using the products in their studios. (I also want to note that Peggy recently was a winner in our DVD cover contest. Her image appears on the Brisk Christmas Card Set.) Anyway, here is her beautiful image of Katye along with a quote from Peggy about photoDUDS. Thanks Peggy!!

"I want you to know that I'm the ultimate DUDaddict!  Thanks for all your wonderful designs that DUDup my portraits and bring a whole new avenue to my product line.  The mothers of these precious little angels love their final, dressed up, portraits.  Those of us out here who do not have your creativity very much appreciate you for your talent and, especially, your willingness to share it to help our images look better. 
Many thanks,

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