Monday, November 24, 2008

Tired of Your Same Old Backgrounds?

Are you like me . . . bored with the same backgrounds? Let's face it we can't continually buy new sets and backgrounds all the time. We would go broke!!! Well, here is an idea . . . use your DUDS to create entirely new looks with your back grounds. Here is an example where I changed to look one of my favorite backgrounds I have in the studio. It's a wall which I had painted by a local artist. But, as I will show by adding a few DUDS I am able to give the old background new life.

Here is the way the shot looks originally.

And this image is the same shot. However, I threw on an overlay from the Fresh, Senior v.1 Collection, changed the blending mode to soft light and masked out the subject.

And yet here again is another use of photoDUDS to create another look for this wall. In this image, I added two brushes in various colors from the photoDUDles 2, Brushes v.2.

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